Meet Jim Tull, CPA

As a business leader, Jim helped build a successful company with offices across Arkansas and Oklahoma. As senator, Jim Tull will continue building opportunities for our community and preparing District 32 for a prosperous future.

Conservative Business Leader

Jim Tull got his start as an entrepreneur mowing lawns. That experience prepared him for a 34 year long career of growing businesses. Jim became a certified public accountant (CPA) and eventually grew to serve as Chief Financial Officer for an engineering firm with 80 employees and one office in Rogers. In the 28 years since, he helped expand that employee-owned firm to 300 employees with offices in communities across Arkansas.

Committed to the Community

Jim Tull knows that small businesses are only as strong as the communities they call home. That’s why he is deeply involved in our Northwest Arkansas community, serving for over a decade on the Rogers Civil Service Commission while also supporting many local charities close to his heart.

I've dedicated my life to improving the infrastructure and communities of Arkansas.

Communities thrive when property taxes are low and businesses are strong. I’ll use my decades of business experience to bring real solutions to Little Rock and put Arkansas families first.

— Jim Tull


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